Home Lifts For Life

The most versatile home lift on the market today, the 6000 lift allows customers to choose the right glass type and colours, as well as other options, making it the perfect addition to any home. Offering more options, space, usability and comfort, the 6000 is a popular lift within the domestic environment, with minimal disruption on installation in your home.

The 6000 home lift, fulfils all these requirements and more, with a huge selection of options designed specifically for the home environment. All lifts gartec installs are also manufactured, using over 95% recycled materials, making our lifts environmentally friendly, as well as economical to run.

Although the 6000 model is designed for a domestic environment, Gartec are also familiar with installing platform lifts, within the home. If you are unsure on which model to have in the home, contact Gartec today to speak about your options when choosing the right lift for your home.


The Ideal Lift

“…It took just two days to install and the process was far smoother and simpler than I ever imagined. We now have the certainty of knowing that we can remain in our home forever without worrying about managing the stairs …and as a bonus, our friends are so impressed we have a lift at home!” – George Davison, SW London

George is one of a growing number of design conscious home owners who see the comfort and benefit a Gartec home lift offers, improving your home and future-proofing, for life.

For more information, please download our PDF on the Aritco 6000
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