Inspired in design, comfort and simplicity.

A platform lift that combines versatility in form and function with ease of installation and use. One that complements and blends into any environment, internally or externally, with just the right aesthetic touch. Runs year in and year out, without incident. Simply, a lift that takes mobility to new levels and adds value to your building.

Your vision is our purpose. Since 1995, the A1platform lift has been developed with insight to market innovations in close collaboration with architects, builders, installers, access consultants and partners. To this, we add technical know-how and dedicated professional support, providing a solution to fulfill your requirement.

A1 – The 1st Choice

Whether you are designing, building or renovating, we offer a range of possibilities. Consider the ways you will circulate within your building. Consider an A1 choice.

“A1 platform lifts meet all Europeanstandards and regulations as well as high individual expectations on aesthetics. The perfect solution to help you rise above the crowd.”

Assured with the highest standards of quality and safety, the A1 platform lift is provided as an accesssolution in differing environments throughout the world. The lift is CE Certified and meets obligations under EN81 – 41 and the Equality Act (formerly DDA), assisting designers and owners to meet the requirements of Part M and BS8300.