The ingenious construction method of our service lifts means that they can be used for almost any purpose according to your specification. The flexible design means that there are over 160 options depending on the required load, available space, door type and choice of finish.

Please chose a specific service lift:



A Lift – Small Office and Kitchen Use, Dumb Waiter

This lift is an extremely versatile product and can be used in a variety of applications from the office to the busy kitchen environment to the local pub. The nature of it’s design and the use of quality components ensures that the lift can be used up to 300 times per day.

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D Lift – Small Goods Lift. Shops & Industrial Use

The robust design, large car area and 300 Kg load capacity makes this an ideal solution for warehouses, shops and other industrial applications. The doors can be designed for loading at either waist level or floor level depending on the goods to be carried.

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Z Lift – Catering Industry, Combination Lift

It is necessary in the catering industry to prepare and serve food to the highest standard and in the cleanest environment possible. This lift has two separate compartments the top one for food the bottom for refuse.

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ISO Max – Heavier duty lifts 

The ISO-MAX is a goods only lift with two fixed cabin areas of 1,00 x 1,40 m (capacity 300, 500, 750 and 1000 kg) or 1,275 x 1,50 m (Capacity 750 and 1000 kg) and a variable cabin height from 1,20 – 2,00 m.

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Product Range

Metallschneider is a specialized manufacturer in service lifts for utilization in restaurants, hotels, hospitals and private homes.

Metallschneider offers 4 different types of service lifts for different applications:

  • Bi-parting doors at serving height (ISO-A)
  • Bi-parting doors at floor level (ISO-C)
  • Hinged doors at floor level (ISO-D)
  • Cabin with 2 separate compartments (ISO-Z) (Without illustration)


Our strengths

In recent years we have become a market leader by focussing on high-tech, on quality and by many other reasons:

  • Quality seal along DIN EN ISO 9001:2008
  • Custom-made solutions
  • Environment-friendly production
  • Corrosion protection by fire galvanization
  • Quick and easy installation (with installation manual)
  • Installation in existing buildings possible
  • Easy operation – very user-friendly
  • Low need of current
  • Low noise level
  • Minimum maintenance



90 % of our service lifts are made from pre-installed components. Therefore the installation times are reduced on site by 50 %. Thanks to a ingenious method of construction our service lifts can be used for almost any purpose and can be made according to your specification.

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