personalThe compact design of our Personal Lift allows the user to regain their independence within the home. The lift is easy to use, requires very little building work and can be installed within a few days.

Technical Specification

  • Neutral White Colour Finish
  • Only 50mm Pit Required
  • Enter / exit doors on the same side
  • Maximum Travel 4 Metres
  • Safe Working Load: 225 kg
  • Operating Speed 0.15 m/s
  • Wall mounted
  • Floor Space Required: 880mm x 1350mm
  • Battery back up
  • 230V Supply
  • CE Marked


  • Glazed wall panels
  • Key Controls
  • Power assisted door opening / closing
  • Remote controls
  • Permanently illuminated braille controls
  • In car telephone


  • Self Contained Unit
  • Illuminated Platform for safety
  • Easy to use constant pressure controls
  • Self closing doors for convenience