A1 Lifts

At your service

A1 platform lifts are offered in standardised packages or tailored to your specifications with a range of sizes, configurations, styles and functional options. They can be readily installed in existing or new buildings, internally or externally.

Modular in construction, the lift requires minimal space or construction work. Installation can be completed in just two days and impact on the building during installation is low. What’s more, there’s no machine room, the necessary machinery and the electrical system are housed inside a robust, self-supporting shaft enclosure.

In use, movement between floors is safe and easy. The operation console houses large tactile push buttons with emergency stop and alarm functions. All edges are guarded by sensors, and in the case of an emergency, the lift can be lowered either by a manual or battery-driven system to the closest floor.

Contact us for a more detailed consultation on how our lifts would best fit your building project.

Key advantages with A1 platform lifts:

  • Flexible in size of platform and structural design.
  • High quality lift with a robust, self-supporting shaft.
  • Only a 50mm pit is required. Where no pit is available, a ramp is provided.
  • Low overall cost compared to conventional lifts.
  • All machinery is housed within the shaft, thus removing the need for a machine room.