Aritco 7000 Flexi

Aritco 7000 Flexi

The Aritco 7000 Flexi lift, is the ideal choice, when there is a requirement for a lifting solution with the ability to carry goods and passengers. The 7000 Flexi model, is one of our more popular platform lifts, ideal for commercial environments and larger professional buildings. Although, more compact than the Prime 7000 model, fitting a maximum of five passengers, our 7000 Flexi is the most popular platform lift in the series.

Our patented screw and nut drive system offers a safe, quiet and environmentally friendly solution. Completely self contained, the goods platform lift eliminates the need for any separate machine room or pump box housing. like all of our lifts, the 7000 Flexi is manufactured with over 95% recycled materials, making the lift environmentally friendly, as well as economical to run.

The Commercial Environment Lift

The 7000 Flexi builds upon the framework of the platform lift 7000 series, with options such as increased capacity, steel kerb and wider doors ensuring suitability for goods. It has been adapted by Aritco, the manufacturers, to include even more advanced features from the original 7000 platform lift, providing commercial environments the very latest in lift technology.

If your office space, or home, needs a mobility solution that will last a lifetime, we would recommend the 7000 Flexi platform lift, contact us today for more information and a quote for your installation.